Honeywell 7120 Bar Code Scanner

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This countertop bar code scanner is a crowd pleaser because it works so well for fast paced retail environments

Our customers have been buying the Honeywell 7120 Bar Code scanner because it is rugged, fast and easy to use.  One reason for the popularity is due to the fact it is an omni-directional scanner and is a countertop presentation scanner. That means you simply wave the item you are selling in front of it and one of the many lasers the scanner is emitting will ready the barcode quickly. This is a countertop scanner and is best suited for use as a presentation scanner, not that it can't be picked up, because you can pick it up in case you need to move it to the item to be scanner. If you are needing something to be handheld and a presentation scanner than you should be looking at the Honeywell 3780 Fusion scanner which is designed to he handheld.

The Honeywell Orbit 7120 works with most POS systems and SAM4s cash registers.

The model 7120 is available in numerous interfaces and it is very important you select the interface suitable for your system. As an example older SAM4s cash registers almost always use a Serial or RS-232 interface while many modern POS systems and even many of the newer SAM4s systems typically use a USB interface. It is vitally important that you order the right interface. Even with the correct interface you may need to program the scanner as well as the POS system.

When you buy a bar code scanner for us for a POS system or cash register we support we will make sure it works for you. Please don't just order because you recognize thee model number as there is more that that to ensuring compatibility. If you are unsure we suggest contacting us first at 800-863-2274, or via email or Chat.  



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