Honeywell 3780 Bar Code Scanner

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Omni directional laser bar code scanner the 3780 was built for speed.

Over the years we have sold many Honeywell 3780 bar code scanners because they work so well and they are fast. The reason this scanner is so popular is that it is omni-directional, what is that you maybe asking. Well it means it emits an array of lasers instead of a single line. That enables you to just cover a bar code with lining it up and making scanning so much faster. The 3780 is what is known as a presentation scanner, which means it sits in the stand on your counter. You simply wave the item's bar code in front of the scanner reasonably close to the front of the scanner and in a flash you have read the code. You will know you scanned the item because of the audible tone emitted from the scanner. 

Countertop or hands free, its up to you with the Honeywell 3780 bar code scanner

As mentioned above the scanner is most often used in the stand, however feel free to pick it up too. In the case you have a larger item that can't be placed on your counter you can always pick up the scanner and go to the item (within the cords range). When you are done, put it back in the stand and your back in business.

Select the correct interface for your POS system

Like most scanners the 3780 also is available in several different interfaces. Many modern day POS systems use a USB interface, however many cash registers use serial (RS232). We recommend contacting us if you have any questions regarding the right model and interface. You can call us at 800-863-2274, email or or use the Chat on this site. We specialize in pairing scanners with SAM4s cash registers and if you buy from us we will make certain your scanner is good to go for your SAM4s cash register.  Please don't order a cheap knock off on Amazon and call us when it does not work with your register, that happens all the time. Save some time and buy from the experts who will ensure you scanner is the right configuration. 

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