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The SAM4s SPS-320 is a restaurant cash register. This model is well suited for quick service establishments as well as bars, taverns and clubs. Wherever you require a machine that is fast and simple this one will work. This is one of three models in the SPS-300 series, each with their own unique features. This model features the large flat keyboard for food service and a single receipt tape. Models with single printers have become very popular and common. If you are in need of a register with both a receipt and live journal tape then you need to look at Model SPS-340 which is nearly the same with the exception of having two printers allowing a live audit tape.

This model has an electronic audit trail known as an electronic journal however it is printed to memory rather than live. Should you require the journal entires you must print them out on demand. This has both pros and cons. The Pros are you don't have to have a second roll of paper, single printer machines cost less then two printer models. The downside is when you need a journal printout you must print on demand and while it is easy unless you perform this function often you will need to look up the feature. Another downside is that the electronic journal relies on available memory and the entries you require may have been over written. This can be avoided by allocating the memory in advance to optimise the space available for journal.

One of the reasons this machine is so popular is because of the eight line lcd display. This display makes the everyday task seem much easier, such as programming and operating. Cashiers have an easier time ensuring they have registered the sale correctly because they can see numerous items on the display and have the ability to scroll up to confirm the rest.

To make your system complete you should consider interfacing the register directly to credit card payments which speeds up your lines while also increasing accuracy. Another benefit of interfacing is reducing the ability of clerks to commit credit card fraud. When the register is interfaced a clerk must ring in the sale before processing. One of the added benefits of direct interfacing to payments is the option to accept gift cards. Please fell free to call us directly at 1-800-863-2274 should you have any questions about this machine or any model we sell.

The SAM4s SPS-320 is also available with a receipt printer and a journal printer if you require both. Please visit SAM4s SPS-340 with receipt and journal printer

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