SAM4s SAP-6600II Android Touch Screen powered by SAM4pos for Restaurants

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Restaurant POS has never been this easy or affordable

The SAM4s SAP-6600II running the SAM4pos Application is a powerful restaurant system for all types of establishments. We have many happy customers using the SAP-6600II in both Quick Service and Table Service restaurants. There are so many good reasons why this is such a great system for food service, like the fact it is affordable, powerful, open to all credit card processors and has a wide range of value added options. The touch screen layout is very flexible and allows enough items to be fast and accommodating to servers or cashiers. Combine that with our expertise in programming and deploying restaurant systems and you will see why it is such a popular system. Here are just a few of the reasons why our customers love this system;

  • Large 15" Touch Screen
  • Fanless All-In-One Design
  • Android Operating System
  • Kitchen Video Display Interface
  • Kitchen Printer Interface
  • Serial or IP Printer Interface
  • Supports Drive Thru
  • Graphical Table Map
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Optional Tablet
  • Open to all credit card processors

These are just a few of the reasons why this system is so popular with restaurants of all types. Other differences between the SAM4pos system and many other systems on the market that our customers really like is the fact that The SAM4pos can be purchased rather that being locked into monthly payments forever like so many systems today. Also The SAM4pos restaurant system is not "Cloud Based" and your data stays right in your restaurant. Yep, that's right this system does not need the internet to operate. A really important aspect of the system also is that it is credit card agnostic. What that means is we are not tied to a single credit card provider and never will be. You can stay with your current provider and also switch providers whenever you want. If you are a merchant services provider looking for an agnostic system for your clients we welcome you to call as us as well. 

Set up an online demonstration of the SAM4pos system with us to see how powerful this system really is.

We think that just after a few minutes spent looking at the system you will see how special it really is. We can show you how simple yet powerful it is and how it will work in your business. We have installed this system all over the country in the following types of food service; Fast Food Burger and Shake restaurants with drive thru, Taquerias, Bagel Shops, Fish and Chips, Bars and Lounges, food trucks, cafeterias, fine dining, family dining, and many more. Give us a call at 800-863-2274 and ask for for the sales department.

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