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This is a hybrid system, part cash register part POS system that brings the best of both systems into one device

The SAM4s SAP-630F is changing the POS game for many great reasons. The first of those changes is the fact this is a cash register with an Android operating system which allows this system to have more features than a traditional cash register. This model is really designed for restaurants and food service because of the large flat keyboard . This keyboard features 160 programmable locations that can be used for menu items and register functions. Combine the large keyboard with the 10" color touch screen and you have a combination that is faster that a keyboard only system or a touch screen only system. The reason for that is most of our clients place their menu items on the keyboard for fast one touch sales and if that item needs to be modified for the kitchen your custom modifiers appear on the touch screen allowing your cashiers or servers to sell items accurately and quickly.  

Why is an Android Cash Register Better than a traditional register?

So while the SAP-630F looks like a cash register, it's fast like a traditional cash register so what is different? Unlike old school registers this model now has a report database and is no longer dependent on only a "Z" report. Yep, now you take reports for the day or date range that you want a report for. You can't do that with a traditional register. There are many other features that set this machine apart from the others like being able to email end of day reports, a programable touch screen, a mobile app for your smart phone and many more. A huge game changer is the fact that this system can be supported remotely. 

Why is the SAM4s SAP-630F better than a POS system?

Another one of the business owners love this system is that fact it is not cloud based, it does not need the internet to operate and it can be purchased instead of having monthly payments forever. Yep, that's right unlike so many popular systems on the market today that you pay forever for this system can be purchased up front without monthly payments. Also the fact that your sales data and database stay in your business and not in the cloud makes this system more reliable and secure than all the other systems on the market in our opinion. 

Features of the SAM4s SAP-630F are perfect for quick service restaurants, deli's, bars, concession stands, and many other establishments that serve a lot of customers in a short time. Here are some of the features that make this such a powerful system for food service:

  • Large Flat Keyboard for you menu items. Each button can be an item or display a menu of items.
  • Large color touch screen really augments the keyboard. As an example the button on the keyboard could be Milk Shake and after pressing it the different flavors or milk shakes are displayed on the touch screen requiring the cashier to select one. 
  • The SAM4s SAP-630F fully supports drive thru ordering. Simply press the new order button, place the order and press save. When the car is at the window recall that order and pay it off or add to it.
  • Kitchen printing is fully supported.
  • Kitchen Video Display is fully supported and can even be combined with kitchen printing. 
  • Menu items can be linked to forced modifiers.

These are just a few of the many features and functions that make this system work so well for food service of all kinds. To go over specific questions you may have about the system being a good fit for your business please give us a call at 800-863-2274. We can even schedule an online demo with you so you can see the system in action.

Unlike traditional cash registers the SAM4s SAP-630F uses a software application called SAM4pos. This allows the system to have a much longer life than a traditional cash register for the simple fact that you can move that application to new hardware. So years from now you can still be using your software application even if the hardware had been upgraded. Really this could be the last POS system you ever buy. As you will see in the options the purchase price included one year of the software application, however you can upgrade to a forever version (also known as a five year license). If you upgrade to the forever version the software never expires and is your perpetually and can even be moved to other compatible models if you ever upgrade or replace hardware over the years. The Forever License includes five years of upgrades that you can take advantage of if you would like. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

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