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SAM4pos Mobile Tablet Sets you free and saves your time

Combine a SAM4pos Tablet with your SAP-630 or SAP-6600 POS system and you will wonder what you did before this. The tablet is at home in retail stores or in restaurants. You can even use it as a terminal if you would like. Check out the information below where we describe the various uses depending on the application.

How a SAM4s Tablet Works in Retail Stores

In most cases you would use the tablet where you already where using the SAP-630R or SAP-6600II system. The tablet will connect to your POS terminals via Wi-Fi and can be used in many different ways. Most of our customers use the tablet to perform UPC database maintenance. As an example with the built in scanner you can take the tablet into the aisles of your store and add items or changes prices on the fly. Just scan the item and either add it as a new item or change the price of an existing item and once you press save those changes are in your POS system in just seconds. Maybe you have new items and you need to put them on the shelf and into the system, with the tablet this task is made very easy. You can even interface the tablet to a bar code label printer and print shelf tags right from the tablet for new item.

You can also use the Tablet as a Line Buster or extra POS terminal. Do you have times of the year when you get extra busy and are looking for a way to speed things up? Using a tablet you can go into your customer line and pre-ring a customers cart and press save. When that customer gets to the front of the line the cashier just pulls up the next order, pays it off and the customer is out the door while you are using the tablet to ring up the next customer. So as you can see there are many ways to implement the tablet into you operation. 

Using the Tablet in a Restaurant Application

The Tablet works very well in a restaurant already using the SAP-630F or SAP-6600 terminals. You can use the tablet to have your servers take customer orders right at the table. Or perhaps you have a Drive Thru that gets busy, take the tablet into your drive thru line and start taking orders. using the tablet in these ways helps you move customers through and sell more. Not to mention you will increase the customer experience and bring them back more often. 

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