SAM4s ER-945 Cash Register

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For a simple entry level retail cash register take a look at the SAM4s ER-945

Several features make this model a great register for retail stores. First is the 21 button raised button keyboard. These buttons can be set to open entry sales or pre-set. Of course each button is programmed to have a unique description, taxable or non taxable, and much more. One feature users of this register really like is it's ability to sort EBT items the correct way. Yeah that is right if you accept EBT (food stamps) using this register you can ring up the entire sale including EBT eligible and non eligible items all together. Then when your customer want to pay with EBT you simply press the EBT subtotal button and the register displays how much of the current sale can be paid with EBT and if those items were taxable the register reverses the tax automatically. The EBT feature among others is why the ER-945 is such a great model for retail stores. Some of the other features that set this machine apart is also the ability to implement bar code scanning, interfaced credit card payments and more. Here are some of the features of this machine

  • Receipt and Journal printers, 
  • Up to 22000 UPC's / SKU items.
  • Daily sales reports.
  • Monthly (period to date) sales reports.
  • Optional Interfaced Credit card  with integrated Pin Pad.
  • Text inserter for surveillance system.
  • Produce Scale (produce, meat, cheese, bulk items, etc.)
  • Expandable Keyboard.
  • SD Card Port.
  • Optional PC Interface

The ER-945 has been successfully deployed in convenience stores, smoke shops, discount stores, liquor stores, feed stores, bakeries and many other businesses. Some users decide on using bar code scanning with this model, while others use it with open  sales entry into the categories on the keyboard or a combination of both. Many users selected this model because the fact it has both a receipt printer and journal printer. While not everyone wants both many businesses can't live without both. If you don't need both then you should check out the SAM4s ER-925 which is the same machine but with only a receipt printer and no journal. 

This machine can be used as a complete bar code scanning system. If you only need one machine in your store and have an easy to maintain UPC files this register may work very well for you. If you need something more robust or need multiple machines in the same store you will want to look at the SAM4s SPS-345 or SAM4s SAP-630R. The best way to see if this model is for you, give us a call and lets go over what features you really need. Using the criteria you give us we will let you know the right model for your business. Call us at 800-863-2274 

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