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If you need a simple entry level restaurant cash register The SAM4s ER-940 maybe a great fit

Because the model 940 features a large flat keyboard it is perfect for quick service restaurants that need to ring up items quickly and accurately. This flat keyboard can easily accommodate 100 menu items +/- a few depending on other function buttons you may need.  This allows your cashiers to quickly locate the menu item they want to sell and simply press it. This saves time from entering the price not to mention they can't enter the wrong price. They keyboard with be custom made either by you or our trained programmers so you cashiers will be able to quickly locate the items they want to sell. Here are some features that make the 940 a great restaurant register:

  • Large flat keyboard that can accommodate one hundred menu items, often even more.
  • The keyboard can be custom made to categorize menu items making them fast for cashiers to locate.
  • A receipt and Journal printer.
  • Credit card interface so you can accept credit card directly through the register with a connected pin pad. 

You may have seen very similar SAM4s models so let us explain the differences. The ER-940 is part of a series called the 900-Series from SAM4s. the series consist of four distinct models all with their own strengths. You may has seen the ER-920 which looks very much like the ER-940, in fact at quick glance you may not notice the subtle differences. We there is actually only one difference. The ER-940 features both a receipt printer and a journal printer, that's it everything else is the same. So you only need to decide which model is best for you. the ER-940 has both the receipt and journal printers which cash register historically have always had. The journal printer is a second receipt that stays in the register and winds up on a spool. Maybe business owners like the piece of mind knowing they can quickly audit a cashiers actions looking for cases of fraud or possibly just over ring mistakes. As an example if you run your end of day reports and notice your sales are much too high the audit tape allows you to review your sales item by item to locate the issue. Many business operators have been using receipt and journal model registers for years and would never operate another way. 

Let us help you select the right register for your business. We assist business owners select the correct model cash register every day. Call us to go over the features you need and we can match you with right model. Call us at 800-863-2274

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