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The ER-925 is an entry level retail cash register

Because of the large raised keyboard the SAM4s ER-925 is perfect for retail stores. Of course it would work in a restaurant too but it is really at home in retail environments. If you are looking for a fast machine that allows you to enter an open price into a category or department this model is a good fit. This model also only features a receipt printer which you can toggle off and only issue a receipt on demand. Here are some of the features that make this machine tailor made for simple retail applications

  • Large raised keyboard with 21 buttons for easy open entry. The buttons are all custom programmable with a description, tax or no tax, and can have a label added to them.
  • Single receipt printer that can be set to off and receipts only issued when you want. The receipt can have your store name and or logo as well. 
  • Nice size cash drawer with media slots, five bill five coin removable tray, and lock.
  • Optional interfaces like credit card payments, scale, bar code scanner, and more.
  • Can be programmed by the end-user (DIY) or have us to it in advance before shipping. 
  • Easy to read customer display.
  • EBT payments with proper handling of sales tax.

The SAM4s ER-925 features easy to read end of day reports. At the end of the day you will be able to take reports that tell you how much you had in sales, how much was taxable, how much was in EBT etc. The end of day reports will also tell you if there were discounts, voids, no sales and other functions that store owners and managers really want to keep tabs of.  Most of the reports are also available in a monthly format (period to date, commonly refereed to as monthly) 

The ER-925 can also sell items via UPC, PLU, or SKU. If you want more than just open entry sales you can add a bar code scanner or sell your items via a UPC number or SKU number. This model is capable of having a database of up to 22,000 UPC/SKU numbers.  However if you are wanting bar code scanning we do recommend a few different SAM4s registers that are designed to manage larger UPC files much easier like the SPS-345 or SAP-630R

You have many options available to customize your system. The ER-925 features options like the following:

  • Credit Card Interface
  • Gift Card Interface
  • Produce or Meat/Cheese Scale
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Text Inserter
  • Second cash drawer
  • External printer

The SAM4s ER-925 comes custom programmed or unprogrammed for the do it yourselfer. When you order this machine you have the option of having it custom programmed by our trained staff specifically for your business or you can order it with no programming and do it yourself if you would like. If you opt in for programming we will contact you to collect the information on programming it for you. Our programming services also include six months of support over the phone from our US based technical staff. 

Make sure this is the right cash register for your business by calling us before you order. We know cash registers very well and know exactly what to ask you in order to determine if this is a good match for your business needs. You can reach or register consultants at 800-863-2274

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