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This cash register will be a work horse for your business.  The SAM4s ER-915 is the latest in a long line of models that is a solid machines with a receipt and journal printer. The 915 replaced the hugely popular ER-5215M model. When you look at the features of this machine you will see why it also is so popular. This machine is simple, fast, rugged and affordable. If you are looking for a machine that is easy to enter open dollar amount sales into categories, compute tax, compute change, and give you easy to understand reports than this is the one. 

Out of the box features include:

  • Seven programmable category buttons (departments).
  • Receipt printer and journal printer (audit tape).
  • Up to four tax rates
  • Calculates and sort EBT items and reverses tax automatically on EBT purchases.   
  • Programmable message on receipt or graphic logo
  • Commercial Grade cash drawer with a five bill five coin removable tray. Drawer includes lock and emergency release.
  • Customer display 

These are just some of the standard features you will find on this register. There are also several options that you may like to add to this machine that include:

  • Integrated credit card terminal (pin pad) including gift cards, EBT and Pin Based Debit transactions.
  • Interfaced Scale for produce or other items. 
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Text Inserter
  • PC Interface
  • Additional category (department) buttons. 

We have installed the ER-915 cash register in many types of businesses including convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops, butcher shops, candy stores, bars, and restaurants. Where this register really shines is where you prefer to enter the price and press the category also known as open entry. In that case the category buttons can be labeled and programmed making it very easy for cashiers to enter the sale into the correct category. 

You will find this model has simple to read reports. Like most systems this one also features daily financial reports, category (department) reports, and several monthly reports as well. Some customers selected this machine because it features the journal printer (audit tape) for added security. The journal printer always makes investigating over rings or voids much easier than machines that only have a receipt printer.

Call the pros if you have questions. Our staff has over 75 years combined experience in placing registers in businesses just like yours. We can answer your questions and help you select the right product. We can also custom program it before shipping and provide support just call us at 800-863-2274 

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