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The SAM4s ER-260EJ cash register was designed for retail stores

This little machine packs a punch with features often only found in much larger models. This model really thrives in a retail environments that like to key in the amount of the item and press the category on the keyboard. The 15 raised buttons allow you to custom program categories. Of course each category can have a programmable name, tax status, preset price if needed and more.  Each button has a removeable lens so you can create custom labels for each one. The ER-260EJ includes a built in receipt printer that uses standard 2.25" thermal paper and is capable of printing a graphic logo if you would like. Your end of day reports will print on the receipt printer. You may also print the days journal tape (EJ) on the receipt printer on demand as well. This unit also includes the free PC communication software Espresso from SAM4s as well.  

Some of the most popular features of this model include:

  • Up to 99 Clerks/Cashiers
  • Maximum 3,200 PLUs (UPC's)
  • Group Totals
  • Food Stamp / EBT sorting and payment
  • Up to 2 Price Levels per PLU
  • Up to 100 Mix & Match Discounts
  • Up to 6,900 Lines of Electronic Journal (EJ)
  • Credit Card Interface via Datacap and Pin Pad
  • FREE Programming and reporting software

The SAM4s ER-260EJ does support bar code scanning and we have deployed it in many small retail stores. You have a choice of several different bar code scanners from single line scanners to ultra fast omni directional scanners. See the options list for available scanners with this model. As long as you have under 3200 UPC's this can be a great scanning system and you can still enter items manually too if you want.

Credit Card Interface is an easy option for the SAM4s ER-260EJ. It is as simple as adding a Datacap Interface and a pin pad and you can be accepting credit cards directly on the register. This eliminates costly errors, it's faster than a standalone credit card machine, and lastly much more secure for PCI concerns.  Check out our Pin Pad page for the available pin pads for this model. And like all the SAM4s models that interface to card payments you can use and merchant services provider you would like to. SAM4s will never limit your choices or make you use a certain processor. 

Custom Programming is available for the ER-260EJ Cash Register. If you order you register with customer programming we will send you a programming worksheet to complete. Custom programming also included support for six months. You could also chose to program the register yourself (DIY). When you select the DIY method the unit comes with a six month warranty but not with six months of support.

Six Month Standard Warranty with Optional Extended Warranty Plans The standard warranty for this model is a Six-month depot warranty. With a depot warranty you pay for the shipping back to us for repair and we pay for shipping of the machine back to you. Every attempt is made to resolve an issue via phone before shipping a machine in for repair. Warranty periods do not include a loaner unit, however often loaner machines are available at additional expense. If you would like a longer depot warranty period, you may purchase extended depot warranties out to 54 months. You also have the option to upgrade to an overnight exchange and extend the time period. If you select an overnight exchange warranty, we will overnight you a replacement register at our expense as well as paying to ship the broken machine back. You can purchase an Overnight Exchange Warranty out to 5 years. Overnight exchanges do not include Saturday deliveries, so as an example if you request an exchange on a Friday you will receive the replacement on Monday. Replacement request must be received in our office by 11am PST or the machine will ship out the next business day.

For help selecting the right model for your business give us a call. We are cash register professionals and have helped business owners like you select the right model for many years. Call us at 800-863-2274 so we can advise you on the differences. 


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