SAM4s Bronze+ Bundle with ER-260EJ or ER-265EJ

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This Cash Register Credit Card Terminal Bundle is fast, simple and affordable

Introducing the SAM4s Bronze+ Bundle with ER-260EJ or ER-265EJ, the ultimate entry level cash register and credit card terminal bundle. Featuring no up front cost and easy-to-learn interfaces, the bundle is perfect for small to medium businesses of all kinds. Included is full technical support and a three-year warranty, for the utmost reliability.

Our SAM4s Bronze Bundle is an industry-leading solution for credit card processing. It combines a low flat rate of 2.49% + $0.10 per transaction with a low monthly fee of just $38.95 This bundle is the perfect choice for merchants looking to achieve maximum savings and efficiency.

Our SAM4s Bronze+ Bundle with ER-260EJ or ER-265EJ comes with a 3-year overnight exchange warranty and offers reliable 8/5 support from our experienced in-house technicians. Get the most out of your purchase with worry-free operation.

This Bronze+ Bundle from SAM4s includes your choice of the ER-260EJ for retail businesses or the ER-265EJ for restaurants. Both models accept swiped, EMV, ApplePay and all other NFC payment methods. Get the payment solutions you need, tailored to your business.

Our SAM4s Bronze+ Bundle with ER-260EJ or ER-265EJ ensures a swift, effortless setup. Add the bundle to your cart and complete the purchase and our expert team will contact you the next business day to get your merchant services account and register programming information all set up. Once your cash register and credit card terminal arrive at your business location, they will be programmed and ready to go – and our experienced staff will walk you through using them over the phone.

If you are wondering if  the SAM4s Bronze+ Bundle that includes the ER-260EJ or ER-265EJ cash register and payment system is the right one for you. Make the most of our expertise with our experienced customer service team, available at 800-863-2274.

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