SAM4pos POS Application

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If you already have the hardware you can just order the SAM4pos Application 

The POS Application is what powers the SAM4pos systems like the SAP-6600II or SAP-630R retail system. In the case that you already have the hardware you can order just the software and install it. The application works on the following Android OS terminals from SAM4s;

  • SAM4s SAP-530F
  • SAM4s SAP-530R
  • SAM4s SAP-630F
  • SAM4s SAP-630R
  • SAM4s SAP-4800II
  • SAM4s SAP-6600
  • SAM4s SAP-6600II
  • Hisense HM616 Tablet

After installing this point of sale application on your device you will have all the power of this great system at your disposal. We can of course training and support you if you are new to the system. There are also plenty or value added options available too like Credit card interface, kitchen printers and much more. Give us a call at 800-863-2274 if you have any questions. 


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