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Point of Sale Bundle with NRS software and Hardware using the Clean Rate Merchant Services Program

This powerful POS bundle from NRS provides you all the hardware you need to operate your retail store. Everything you need for your store is included in this package. You will receive a touch screen for the cashier, a customer facing screen for your customers so they can see everything as it is being rang up. The package also includes a bar code scanner with the ability to scan ID's for age verification as well as the product bar codes. This bundle is completed with a high speed thermal printer and sturdy cash drawer.   

Combine the POS hardware with the best POS Software Plan for your business. 

The NRS Retail Bundle offers two POS Software packages to select from. The first is the NRS basic plan and the other is the NRS Pro plan. Both plans offer POS, inventory management, Pricebook, promotions, vendor management, emailed sales reports, phone and chat tech support, remote management App and much more. The primary difference is the Basic plan included three users and one ad on the customer facing display and the Pro plan offers unlimited users and three ads on your customer display.  The NRS Basic Plan is $19.95 per month or the NRS Pro Plan is $29.95 per month. 

NRS POS Bundle details and additional information.

This bundle price is only available using the NRS's merchant services package known as NRSPAY Clean rate. Store owners like yourself love the Clean Rate program because it offers you a flat rate for accepting credit cards, debit cards and EBT transactions of 2.49% and $0.10 per transaction with a monthly statement fee of $10.00.  The hardware in the bundle all includes a one year manufactures warranty, optional extended warranty periods are available. 

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EZ POS Unadvertised Price

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