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Integrate your POS system to payments with the NETePay Hosted Service

NETePay Hosted is a comprehensive payments platform in the cloud that connects POS systems, cash registers, eCommerce, kiosk, and mobile point of sale systems to your processor. This product comes from Datacap who has been a leader in integrated payments in North America for decades.  This product is processor agnostic, works with dozens of pre-certified EMV ready pin pads, many of which are plug and play. Using this platform has you covered with security centric payments including PCI-validated P2PE, directE2EE, EMV, tokenization and more should you require any of those features. 

You probably are asking how does NETePay work with my POS system

Integrating credit card payments to your cash register or point of sale system can be daunting if you have not done it before. We can be your guide on this task which has to be done and it has to be done correctly. To integrate your system you will need a payment platform like NETePay, you will need a pin pad, and sometimes you will need a Datacap PDC as well. NETePay is the center of this system regardless of how you connect. The NETePay Hosted platform is not something you buy but rather you rent it monthly and the cost of this monthly service is based on the size of your POS system and the other features you may elect to add like a Gift Card interface or perhaps operating you own gift card program. Your POS system will be what dictates the rest of the questions regarding PDC and pin pad or if just the Pin Pad will be required.  Also some systems don't work with the NETePay Hosted platform and they require a perpetual license of the product that is available to install on your own PC. We can help you determine which one you will need. 

You have questions about NETePay Hosted and we have answers

This all may sound confusing and it can be if you have never set up a secure efficient payment system before . Lucky for you we have set up hundreds of them if not over a thousand going back two decades now. Gone are the old days when you just plugged in a simple terminal to a phone line and swiped the card! Today security is much more important for the card holder and for you the merchant. 

Keep in mind NETePay hosted is only a part of the entire solution (albeit a big one) your POS system or cash register play a huge role in which platform is best for you. Please give us a call, or use the chat feature on this page and lets see if we can help you. Of course you can call us too at 800-863-2274 and ask for the sales department. 

The price is you see listed is for one lane per month and does not include and set up fees.


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