Mobile Sam4POS Database Maintenance License

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For managing your UPC database consider the SAM4spos Database Maintenance License 

This application is perfect for the retailer that wants to have a tablet to manage their UPC database but does not need to make sales on the tablet as well. This version of the SAM4pos application includes everything you need to manage, edit and add items to you system directly through your tablet. You can stroll down the aisles of your store with a tablet and simply scan items to make price changes, or even add brand new items to the database. No longer would you need to take new items to the register to add, just take the wireless tablet to the item where ever it is in your store and scan the barcode and enter the details. As soon as you save that record just seconds later that item or edit will be in your system. It is incredibly fast and easy to us. 

The license is only for new or existing SAM4pos users and works with any of the models like the SAP-630, and SAP-6600II when installed on a supported tablet. The difference between this license and the standard POS license is this license is sold for less because it does not include the POS features. If you want to operate your tablet as a POS device and do database maintenance then you would elect the standard license. To find out if it can be used with your system, give us a call at 800-863-2274 or use the Chat feature of this website and we will get your questions answered. 

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