Datacap NETePay PDC Device

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The PDC is the hardware that connects your POS to the NETePay processing system

The Datacap PDC enables embedded POS systems to connect to the NETePay platform. This is the rental version that will connect your point of sale system to your merchant services. The way this system works is you purchase the PDC hardware for each of your POS systems, which connects your system to the Hosted NETePay payment platform, which is a cloud based system you pay for monthly. The cost of the service depends on the number of lanes in your POS system. In order for your embedded POS system to connect to the service you will need a PDC for each lane and a Pin Pad.

Datacap connects to every major merchant service provider in North America 

Because Datacap is processor agnostic it is a perfect solution for your business. NETePay supports Credit Card EMV, NFC, Pin Based debit and EBT. The solution is also compatible with many pre-certified EMV devices (you will need to check your POS system to confirm compatibility). 

We know integrated payment processing systems can be complicated to understand so we are here to help

Our office has more than two decades helping small businesses like your navigate the confusing world of connecting your simple POS system to secure payments. We can help you coordinate between the POS and yours merchant services or bank. Give us a call and we will discuss if we can help you and if this is the right solution for you. Reach us at 800-863-2274 and ask for sales. 

This device requires a monthly service to operate or to be connected to a perpetual version of an IPTran or IPTran LT, it does not process cards on it's own. You will of course also require a pin pad per lane. 

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