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This is a traditional license of NETePay from Datacap for PC Based POS systems

For well over a decade Datacap's NETePay has been the gold standard for integrating computer based point of sale systems to credit card payments. This product is a perpetual license of NETePay to be installed your POS system unlike their Hosted product that is cloud based. This perpetual license is very popular for traditional POS systems like Cash Register Express as an example. We also offer NETePay as a service as well if you are interested in renting the system rather than buying it outright. NETePay also has an option to process Gift Cards using a Gift Card service as well you can add on as an option. 

Owning NETePay has advantages for the merchant

When you own your own license you can of course change your processor when you would like, you don't pay monthly fees and and of course it is scalable. Of course using NETePay depends on your POS system so please contact your provider to ensure your system works with this system and what version you need. 

You have lots of options with NETePay

Like all the versions of Datacap's NETePay be it hosted, perpetual or rental you ahve many choices giving you flexibility. As an example this system is processor agnostic meaning you can select any of the major credit card providers rather it is your local bank or an independent office. You will also have many choices for your pin pads as NETePay has dozens of pre-certified models to chose from (processor specific of course).  NETePay is sold by the lane and with or without Gift Card Support. If you have questions please contact us at 1-800-863-2274, or use the chat feature on this page.

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