SAM4s ER-940 Keyboard Cover

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The SAM4s ER-940 Keyboard Cover is designed to protect your cash register keyboard from damage and wear. Keep in mind your cashiers need to be able to see through the cover to select the right item so it's important you have a good clear cover. You should even consider keeping a spare one on hand. 

You may have noticed that the ER-920 and ER-940 keyboard covers look the same and that is because they are. The only difference between the two registers are the 940 has both a receipt and journal printer and the 920 has only a receipt printer. Other than those differences the keyboards are identical. 

As always if you are not sure you are ordering the right one because on the machine the model will say ER-900 series not the specific model number please give au a call at 800-863-2274 or use the chat feature on this page. 

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