Code Reader CR5015 Bar Code Scanner

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Scan Bar Codes and verify age with the CODE Reader CR5015 2D Bar Code Scanner

When you pair your POS system with a 2D scanner from Code you can also reduce cashier error by implementing Age Verification as well as scanning productsThe CR5015 is well suited for quick paced retail applications. This scanner takes care of two issues for the price of one.  Because the CR5215 features image capture technology it can scan drivers licenses to confirm the age of the customer when buying age restriction items like tobacco or alcohol. When used with POS that include age verification the scanner reads the ID of the buyer and the POS confirms the age. This is a huge win win for the store owner because you are getting fast accurate bar code scanning and the peace of mind knowing you are mitigating the dangers of selling to under age buyers too.

The CR5015 is a presentation style bar code scanner designed for busy retail stores.  

This scanner is perfect for retail stores like Tobacco, C-Store, smoke shops, Vape Shops, grocery and much more. The CR5015 is a counter top scanner that automatically scan when an item is passed in front of it. It operates hands free and is very fast. 

Standalone Age Verification is an option with the CR5015

If you are looking for standalone age verification that is an option with this scanner. Why would you want standalone age verification? Well normally your point of sale system will handle that when paired with a scanner like this, however in some cases point of sale systems lack that feature. If that is the situation you fond yourself in this scanner can work as a standalone age verification system. Please select that option when ordering if that is something you require. Click the following link If you are looking for a cash register that also performs age verification with this code scanner. Or as always please contact us either by phone 800-863-2274, email or Chat. 



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