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The popular POS system software Cash Register Express is available as a monthly subscription if you don't want to buy it outright, choice is yours. 

While many retailers prefer to buy their software outright many have opted to subscribe to their system instead. This is also known as Software as a Service (SaaS) and this method has become a very popular model. If you would prefer a SaaS model we offer that as well. With the subscription you do also receive a very nice money saving perk, you will get unlimited back office access when you opt for the subscription. This means you can install CRE on as many back office computers as you would like for reporting, database management, stock room computer as well. 

Does the SaaS or Subscription model of CRE work for you?

The subscription version has all the features of the perpetual version you just sign up to pay for it monthly. The term is 36 months and you have the option of renewing after that. All your software upgrades are included in the subscription and optionally you can add a support subscription too. You can add this license to your existing hardware or purchase hardware from us if you need. Of course the license is scalable should you require more than on station, just add a station at an additional monthly fee (see options). 

The subscription version of Cash Register Express is also Credit Card Agnostic so you can use any processor you would like.

Just like the perpetual version of CRE we will never force you to use a credit card provider like so many other systems do. You have the freedom to use whoever you would like as your merchant services company. As a matter of fact if you are a payments professional looking for a system for a client of yours we would love to help you out as our company is agnostic to payments and we would with everyone we can. 

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